Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)
Car Parking

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - PA, USA)

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is home to a wide variety of choice for those looking to park their car. Ranging from short- and long-term spaces, to a convenient valet service, passengers will find it useful to determine their parking requirements prior to arrival.


Short-term car parking facilities are available at Terminals A, B, C, D and E. The airport's short-term car park is also often used as a useful spot for dropping-off passengers and their luggage.


Long-term parking car parking facilities are available at Terminals A, B, C and D.


Economy parking facilities are available close to the airport, at a remote car parking area, which is situated near Terminal E. This parking lot is connected to Philadelphia Airport by regular 24-hour daily shuttle buses.


Philadelphia's airport also offers a valet parking service for VIP passengers. This convenient service allows passengers to park their car outside the terminal B departures entrance and then their car will be parked for them, ready for when they fly back into the city.


Spaces are reserved for disabled passengers in all of PHL Airport's car parking areas, although the necessary permit is always required when using these areas.

Philadelphia Airport PHL

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